NEW Startline Pump Bottle

Purple pump is the value option

Thanks to an expanding range which backs up its value for money credentials with top-notch quality and performance, the STARTLINE® brand has really hit a real sweet spot in the market, according to Product Specialist, Kurt Way. “People appreciate good quality products that get the job done, yet come at a very reasonable price and it seems that’s where the Startline brand strikes the perfect balance. We can see that in the reaction from the market – sales have been huge! Our two sales leaders are the Startline Masking Tapes and the TOPAZ® Abrasives range but sales of the Startline Nitrile Gloves have also ‘gone off the scale’!”

“We’re also expecting a similar market reaction to our latest launch, the Startline Pump Bottle – its quality and list of features are excellent, especially when measured against the outstanding pricing. It might be a pretty basic piece of workshop equipment but it gives operators a viable solution for cutting expenses without compromising. Just like other Startline products, it comes with lots of worthwhile highlights. For example, it’s made from good quality plastic, it’s fitted with a smooth, reliable pump unit and – forget cheap plastic nozzles – the Startline Team has made sure it comes with a durable brass nozzle for adjusting the spray pattern. And, thanks to the stylish ‘Startline purple’ trim, everyone will know you’ve made the smart choice! You can also buy with confidence knowing that it has been extensively trialled in local bodyshops to make sure it’s going to deliver the no-fuss performance you need in your workshop. The Startline Team is proud to be able to provide local repairers with a range of everyday products that fit nicely into the modern repair process without breaking the bank. Rest assured, there’s plenty more to come!”

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