Waterborne Air Blower

Compact structure design

Energy saving-converting a low volume of compressed air into a high-velocity high impact flat fan air stream

Uniform distribution across the impact/blow-off area provides improved control

Low noise control

Product Code Description Order Multiples Of
STA.01150/UNIT Waterborne Air Blower 1


Touch Taps

A high quality and Australian made, 25MM push-lever tap. Self closing with spot flow and full flow positions. Compatible with most chemicals and solvents.

Features and Benefits

  • Solvent resistant
  • Safety first
  • Push-lever is self closing
  • Spot flow and full flow positions
  • Can be used for most liquid chemicals and solvents


Product CodeProduct DescriptionOrder Multiples Of
STA.00201/UNIT Touch Taps 20

Tack Cloth

The Startline Tack Cloth is a low tack product which is recommend for removing of lint and dust from a pre-painted surface.


  • Wax and Silicon free
  • Low tack formulation
  • 220 x 385mm
  • Material: 90% Viscose + 10% Polyester
  • Blue colour
Product Code Description
STA.01170/UNIT Tack Cloth


Startline Can Key

Startline CAN KEY is a tool design with solutions in mind. With the ability to remove plastic hardener and clear coat lids that have in the past “glued” themselves onto the tin. But this is not all it can do……

Features and Benefits

  • 10, 12, 14 and 17mm openings for Hex nut and bolt removal.
  • Removes lids from 1L screw top cans.
  • Removes lids form 1, 2.5, 3 & 5L “flask” cans
  • Opens plastic bung from 20L plastic cube container


Product CodeProduct DescriptionOrder Multiples Of

Can Key


Paint Roller Tray

The Startline Roller Tray is made from quality plastic, also the Startline roller tray is to be used in

conjunction with the 100mm rollers and handles.


• Quality plastic

• Stackable

• Easy to use


Product Code                   Product Order                Mulitples Of

STA.01180/UNIT             ROLLER TRAY              1