Startline Can Key

If an example is needed of the Startline® brand’s innovative spirit aimed at making the refinish process as efficient and productive as possible, then the all new Startline® Can-Key is prime evidence. The design of this sturdy steel hand tool oozes innovation, as well as a clear understanding of the day-to-day challenges of working in a modern collision repair facility. Developed by the local Startline® Team, it’s all about providing a simple yet effective tool which helps painters deal with many of the frustrating, everyday issues they face. Thanks to ingenious packaging, the Startline® Can-Key incorporates a multitude of clever solutions in one innovative tool. And laser cut accuracy means you can rely on this multipurpose tool to get the job done day-in, day-out.

The ‘Key’ to efficient solutions

For example, having to reopen hardener can caps which have gummed up is a constant source of irritation – nothing quite did the job until now. To solve the problem, the Startline® Can-Key features two slots which are precisely cut to fit perfectly over the common caps (one end for 1litre hardener cans and the other for flask hardener cans), providing plenty of grip and leverage to allow them to be easily removed. Because the right size spanner is often difficult to find, the Startline® Can-Key’s built-in 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 17mm hex spanners offers a convenient option. These common sizes are ideal for a variety of different workshop tasks, including for spray gun nozzles and airline fittings. Further adding to the versatility is a handy key for removing small bungs on drums and a ruler that’s always on hand to take a measurement.

With its unrivaled ability to offer innovative solutions to multiple paint shop problems you will wonder how you ever got by without the Startline® Can-Key. Like all Startline® products, this indispensable hand tool is very keenly priced so make sure you pop one (or two or three!) on your shopping list at your local Startline® distributor. 

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