One Million Reasons To Love Startline

If you are looking for a measure of just how quickly the Startline brand has impacted on the local market, consider this – customers have already bought more than one million Startline abrasive discs! Amazingly, this figure doesn’t even include other abrasives, such as sheets, rolls or scourer pads, or any of the other products from the range. Given that the Startline brand was started from scratch early in 2014, it has only taken around six short months to break through this extraordinary milestone. According to Product Specialist, Kurt Way, the brand has quickly established itself and is performing up to the ambitious plans put in place.

 “You can never be 100 percent sure when launching an all new brand but we were very confident Startline would do well. The Startline Team had done a lot of research and found that the market was crying out for everyday consumable products that offered reliable performance and quality, at a very keen price point. The sales results that Startline has put on the board show it has been spot-on in hitting those targets. Basically, customers have tried the products, found they fit perfectly with today’s efficient workshop processes and they keep coming back for more. As a result, we’re seeing Startline sales trending on a steep upward curve. And, best of all, we’re preparing a whole host of new products which are set to be released in 2015. Just keep your eyes peeled for that distinctive purple packaging!”

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