Startline is the safe bet

Good quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is an absolute must in the modern workshop and the Startline safety gear range offers a no compromise solution. By searching the globe for excellent products and sourcing them at a very reasonable cost, Startline lets consumers access the high level of protection they’re after but at a budget friendly price. And the best news is, there’s more to come so keep an eye out for more innovative product solutions the ‘purple brand’!

Startline Nitrile disposable gloves – As the first point of contact for most workshop tasks, your hands can take a battering if you don’t protect them. Startline Nitrile Disposable Gloves provide a solution that’s both comfortable and cost effective for stopping your hands looking ‘old and crinkled’ well before their time. Like all Startline products, these powder-free and latex-free gloves have been thoroughly tested in local workshops conditions. They leave no residue or contamination and users were particularly impressed with the improved grip from the textured surface, the excellent chemical resistance and the long lifespan. Startline Nitrile Disposable Gloves come in sizes M, L, XL and XXL.

Startline Safety Glasses – With their distinctive Startline purple trim, these safety glasses even look stylish while allowing you to see clearly and protecting one of your most important assets. Startline Safety Glasses conform to Australian Standards and feature a wrap-around design to give good side, as well as frontal protection, along with clear lenses which are scratch-resistant and provide UV protection. Being comfortable to wear for long periods was also a design priority, with adjustable arms helping to ensure a snug fit.

Startline Spray Overalls – Given paint technicians spend a lot of time in spray overalls, you need something to keep you cool, comfortable and protected and many have already chosen the Startline brand. Two updated versions give even more choice and comfort. Now in white with contrasting grey sleeves and hood, the regular Startline Spray Overalls feature a host of upgrades which enhance the overall quality. Along with a breathable vent in the back and better elastic material, new leg zips now make them easier to get on and off, and all zips come in a chunkier, more robust design. They are made from a durable, anti-static, lint-free and washable material and are available in sizes ‘Medium’ through to ‘XXXL’. All new to the range is Startline Premium Blue Spray Overalls which offer even more style, durability and comfort. Made from top quality nylon material which is lint-free and features one percent carbon for excellent anti-static qualities, they are super comfortable to wear day-in, day-out. The outstanding durability of this material means they can be washed time and again which further adds to the cost effectiveness. Startline Premium Blue Spray Overalls are at your Startline distributor in sizes ‘Medium’ through to ‘XXL’.

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