They say, when you find a good masking tape, stick to it and, no doubt that is why the Startline Masking Tape range will impress. There are different tapes designed to suit a variety of applications and all come with excellent adhesion which ensures that, once it has been placed in the required position, it doesn’t move until you want it to. Other standout features include excellent flexibility to go around corners without tearing, nice sharp edges and no paint bleed underneath the edge.

Masking Tapes

Startline premium yellow masking tape ranges in sizes from 18mm to 48mm and is designed for automotive and bodyshop use. It can also be used for any premium painting application where high temperature resistance and clean tape removal is critical.

Features and Benefits:

  • High temperature resistance
  • Clean tape removal leaves no adhesive residue
  • Sticks easily, even on problem surfaces.
  • Gives a clean line paint edge.
  • Superior flexibility around contours.
  • No bleed through.


Product Code Product Description  
STA.007PY018 48 Premium Yellow 18MM Masking Tape  
STA.007PY024 36 Premium Yellow 24MM Masking Tape  
STA.007PY036 24 Premium Yellow 36MM Masking Tape  
STA.007PY048 20 Premium Yellow 48MM Masking Tape