Startline Ultra Body Filler 1.28L

Startline Ultra Body Filler 1.28L comes packaged with its own hardener cartridge, this hardener cartridge is placed in the Startline Ultra Body Filler Cartridge Dispenser which is ordered separately.

Using the 1.28L Ultra Body Filler with the handy dispenser makes it fast and convenient to precisely measure out both body filler & hardener at the correct mixing ratio so you get a consistent result every time with minimal wastage. The body filler with dispenser can be mounted on a wall near the work area or mounted on a technicians portable toolbox.

Features & Benefits

Easy to mix & apply – saving labour and time

Excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates - increased versatility of the product

  • Simple to mix – Fast process
  • Consistent mix every time – Less chance of rework
  • Toolbox mounted if required
  • Smooth flowing consistency
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Quick to dry
  • No pin-holes
  • Easy to sand
  • Light weight
  • Fine texture
  • Multi-Substrate - Bare steel, Aluminium, Galvanised steel, Fiberglass

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Product CodeProduct DescriptionOrder Multiples Of
STA.00020/1.28L 1.28L Ultra Body Filler 6 Pieces

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